About us

M-ZINE+ Myanmar's Business Weekly is a digest offering insight into Myanmar’s economy, business, development and politics. Using stories, analysis, round-ups and statistics, the magazine monitors developments in Myanmar for interested parties including business people, investors, academics, diplomats, aid agencies, NGOs and journalists.

M-ZINE+ examines the economy and business world, noting the implications for foreign and local companies and organizations, and tracks developments in the changing Myanmar political scene, including policy-making and justice. Myanmar is in transition and the magazine provides in-depth reports, easily-digestible round-ups, and useful economic statistics. The magazine - available by subscription - comes as a downloadable PDF as well as in a readable online format.

M-ZINE+ includes insight into efforts to improve governance, reform legislation, and the steps being taken towards market-oriented economic reforms, including the role of international financial and political bodies. It does not shy away from the teething problems of a country and society in transition.


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