About Us

Our relaunch of Mizzima Weekly will provide readers with a more focused read on what matters in Myanmar and the wider region, with an emphasis on analysis, insight and providing key talking points. Mizzima Weekly Analysis & Insight is designed to provide a clear understanding of social and economic aspects, starting from Issue 1.

Main Topics

COVER STORY : Every issue will have a topical cover story about Myanmar or another important regional news item for our readers to focus on.

ANALYSIS & INSIGHT : A key section of Mizzima Weekly is our Analysis & Insight section, which will be of invaluable use to Myanmar and regional watchers seeking to keep track of developments. This will include key “on-the-ground” developments and useful intelligence insight.

CORE DEVELOPMENTS : Our core developments section on Myanmar and subjects related to Myanmar will hone in on what matters, for instance developments concerning the Myanmar military conscription drive that is causing so much chaos for Myanmar youth today.

ASIAN & INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS : Another important section focuses on international affairs as Europe, North America and Australasia gradually wake up to the importance of developments in Asia as the world geopolitical axis gradually shifts eastwards. Particular attention will be paid to developments in India and China, and the Southeast Asian region. This section will be of particular interest to policymakers in Europe as they increasingly turn to the east.

WEEKLY COLUMNS : In addition, the magazine will provide weekly columns tracking the junta and social media, profiling important players in modern-day Myanmar, and providing a link to our partner “Insight Myanmar” and their insightful podcasts.

Mizzima Weekly is a digest offering insight into Myanmar’s economy, business, development and politics. Using stories, analysis, round-ups and statistics, the magazine monitors developments in Myanmar for interested parties including business people, investors, academics, diplomats, aid agencies, NGOs and journalists. Mizzima Weekly examines the economy and business world, noting the implications for foreign and local companies and organizations, and tracks developments in the changing Myanmar political scene, including policy-making and justice. Myanmar is in transition and the magazine provides in-depth reports, easily-digestible round-ups, and useful economic statistics. The magazine – available by subscription – comes as a downloadable PDF as well as in a readable online format. Mizzima Weekly includes insight into efforts to improve governance, reform legislation, and the steps being taken towards market-oriented economic reforms, including the role of international financial and political bodies. It does not shy away from the teething problems of a country and society in transition.

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